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Bill Johnson on Donald Trump - A Biblical Perspective?

Bill Johnson has been my hero. His teachings have liberated me to experience the power of the love of God. It has lead me to view the world through the lenses of grace. Until yesterday, when I read his defence of his public support for Donald Trump. I am sad. I am troubled. The evangelical church in the USA has supported Donald Trump, apparently more than any other Republican candidate in recent history. However, Bill Johnson is different. He is synonymous with the teachings of grace. Of course, he has every right to vote for Donald Trump. I even understand why he and evangelical churches think that Trump will promote their agenda. He said he would. I have a problem with Bill Johnson’s justification of his views. 

Top five tips to retiring well

My clients are wealthy individuals – many of whom are close to retirement or already retired. Unlike the vast majority of South Africans, these are people who have enough money to retire well. By retiring well, I mean really well. They don’t have financial worries about their future. They can do the things they want to do like travel, visit their children overseas and pursue interesting hobbies. They can afford to enjoy their lives and still have money left over. Interestingly, most of them did not inherit anything of value, nor were they high-powered executives or financial gurus.

So what’s their secret?

Over the years, I have developed a picture of what it took these people to get where they are. And based on this picture, I’ve developed my top five tips to retiring well:

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